Professional Staffing

Our Professional Staffing Solutions division works towards understanding our client’s requirements so that we strike a perfect balance between our client’s needs and our candidate’s best interests and career development needs. This is why we developed an ‘experts talking’ approach – a high-end specialist point of contact for our clients and associates alike.

Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment is a defining activity for both, companies as well as, candidates. For companies, it sets the pace and creates the operational horsepower for growth.

NGTec, a specialist in recruitment services, provides tailor-made recruitment solutions across verticals. Thorough research and accurate mapping of interests of both our clients as well as our candidates, is what sets us apart.


A common trend followed by large organisations with a bigger workforce and looking to save on costs while giving up on performance or the quality of the workforce is to consider outsourcing functions.

NGTec's Outsourcing division provides highly customised and tailored solutions - a high value added supplement to NGTec's traditional Staffing Solutions.

Pre-qualified Candidates Network

we’ve got the largest network of pre-qualified candidates anywhere. Have we mentioned that? Probably. But it’s worth repeating. This means that no matter how many people you need, we can get them to you ASAP. So let’s come up with your staffing plan together and find the people that work best for your needs and your budget.


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